Jan 21 - 26 2024


All Day

2024 VetTechLife CE on the Sea

Join us Jan 21-26th as we get our learn on while heading to beautiful Labadee, Haiti, and Falmouth, Jamaica on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas.  Get sun, sand, and 14 hours of CE for one low price.

We will provide up to 14 hours of CE over 2 lecture days.

Hot Off the Presses 

Just Announced Topics! 

  • Fear Free Care for Intensive Care
  • Coagulability
  • OxHGb curves
  • Catheter Crisis
  • Triage
  • Recover CPR
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy
  • Patient Quality of Life and Caregiver Burden
  • Making it to retirement as a technician
  • Behavior is Medicine
  • Dog and cat behavior
  • No more cat wrangling
  • Anesthesia in the Critical Patient
  • Capnography: Reading the Waves
  • Escape Room Anesthesia: Will your patient survive?
  • What is Happening? Reading Between the Lines
  • Oops No Opioids, Analgesia you CAN Do!
  • Stranger Things: Troubleshooting Machine Mishaps
  • Anesthesia for the Brain Comprimised Patient
  • Supporting Cats Experiencing Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Turning off the Pipes and Priming the Engine
  • Let’s Scratch That Itch – Understanding Allergies
  • Feeding the Itch – Nutrition for Allergic Pets
  • This isn’t Vegas… What Happens in the Gut Doesn’t Stay in the Gut!
  • Not Just a Vet Tech: Business Opportunities for Veterinary Technicians
  • When Caring Hurts: Managing Compassion Fatigue


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