Our Process & Policies

Attention New Clients:

Chirrups & Chatter is currently taking clients on a waitlist. Approximate wait time for an initial consult is 4-8 weeks.

Booking Your Training Package

Taking the initiative to seek advice is the first step to a better relationship with your pets. Because you care so much about your pet and other household members, behavioral concerns can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. We utilize science-based training methods that include positive reinforcement, counter-conditioning, and desensitization.  Tabitha will create a customized training plan designed for you and your dog’s combined success. This training plan will be built around your goals and your dog’s individual behavior needs. She’ll also get you started with practical, effective introductory training exercises and environmental management recommendations to start improving things right away.

Scheduling Process:

  1. The first step is to fill out the Contact Booking Form on this page. On this form you will indicate the species you need help with (dog/cat) and a brief synopsis of your behavior or training problem.
  2. Upon completion of the Contact Booking Form, you will receive a link to a behavior history form.
    1. Please complete this form with as much detail as you can provide. Sometimes, it is helpful to have information from more than one household member since different people may have different experiences and interactions your pet(s).
    2. All clients are required to fill out and submit and behavior questionnaire except bookings for kitten socialization and happy vet visits.
  3. Once the behavior history form is submitted, Tabitha will send you a link to book a 10 minute phone call. These calls are not intended as consultations. The purpose of the call is to:
    1. schedule your consult,
    2. clarify any questions we may have from your paperwork,
    3. discuss whether a veterinary exam is required,
    4. decide on a package that best suits your needs,
    5. recommend management strategies that you can implement prior to your session.

What Happens During a Consultation

At the beginning of your consultation, we will review the questionnaire(s) and discuss your concerns at length. I will assess your pet’s environment and their behavior.

Together, we will develop a customized behavior and environmental modification plan, which we will discuss during the consultation. You will also receive this in writing, via email, within 3 business days.

How to Achieve the Best Results

Changing behavior takes time, patience, and persistence. We will provide you and other household members with actions steps (“homework”) and environmental modifications.

Virtual Training

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to get creative in how we conduct training sessions! I know what you’re thinking, in person must be better, right? Sometimes. In fact, for many clients and circumstances (pandemic concerns aside), virtual sessions are preferable than in person.


Often when there is a “stranger” in your home, pets will hide or act differently than they would without an unfamiliar person. Through a video call, I’m able to observe your pet’s everyday behavior. I can effectively:

  • take a tour of your home and make environmental modification recommendations
  • coach you through a training session
  • discuss and give recommendations for behavior concerns

Consultation Pricing and Packages

Initial Consultation

Every client begins with a $350 behavior consultation that includes:

  • One 90-minute in-home (or virtual if you’re outside the service area) assessment which includes an extensive interview, a tour of the home to assess problem areas, and demonstrations of recommended behavior modifications.
  • Immediate advice on managing the problem behavior(s)
  • A personalized environmental and behavior modification plan sent to you following your consultation.

Sessions and Packages

After your initial consultation you can schedule one-hour sessions with Tabitha for $150 each, or you can bundle sessions and save even more with our package pricing: 

  • $435 for three one-hour sessions, with a custom training plan and six weeks access to follow up email support
  • $870 for six one-hour sessions, with a custom training plan and three months access to follow up email support 
  • $1160 for eight one-hour sessions, with a custom training plan and six months access to follow up email support
  • $1680 for twelve one-hour sessions, with a custom training plan and twelve months access to follow up email support 

Our Policies

Please review our booking and cancellation policies here.

We understand that you may need to change an appointment or cancel it for various reasons. As we are a service-based business, it’s important for our clients to understand our need for adequate notice. We appreciate your understanding of our policy for short-notice reschedules, cancellations, and no-shows.

  • We have a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for all of our appointments (both in-person and virtual). You must notify us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time and date to avoid any fees.
  • Reschedules or cancellations that happen less than 24 hours from your scheduled date and time will be charged the full amount of the appointment. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • No-shows will also be charged 100% of the total appointment service cost.

All packages of sessions purchased must be used within a set time frame. Any sessions that are not used after the package expiration date are forfeited. All packages, unless otherwise specified, expire twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.

All packages purchased are for the behavior and/or training of one animal in a household. If there are multiple animals with multiple issues, you must purchase a package for each animal individually, unless directed to do otherwise by Tabitha.

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