Chirrups and Chatter provides individualized consulting to professionals and organizations on topics such as compassionate communication, understanding animal behavior, implementing behavior programs, and promoting positive well-being for both humans and animals.

Organizational Consulting

Tabitha consults with animal welfare and veterinary organizations including veterinary hospitals and animal shelters. At Chirrups and Chatter, we provide individualized consulting. She approaches both the needs of humans and animals with a trauma informed approach. This includes ensuring physical and emotional safety, choices, collaboration, building trust, and prioritizing empowerment and skill building.  

When working with Tabitha, she will assess the needs of the org, work collaboratively to create an action plan, and provide training and support throughout implementation. Contact Tabitha directly for more information on rates for organizational consulting.

Continuing Education, Educational Presentations and Workshops

Tabitha offers a variety of In-person and online continuing education lectures, as well as hands-on workshops. 

Tabitha’s teaching credentials include lecturing on the regional and national levels and lecturing at multiple veterinary technology programs. She enjoys helping people better understand and relate to their animal companions which leads to a stronger bond and a more gratifying relationship between animal and human. Tabitha has helped to develop training and behavior programs for various veterinary hospitals and shelters and works as a consultant for many shelters and private veterinary practices. 

You can see Tabitha’s upcoming presentations locally and nationally on the events page. Visit the Education page to book Tabitha for an event.

Professional Consultations

If you’re a working animal behavior consultant or trainer and need assistance with one of your cases, Tabitha is available for private consultations over Zoom at the rate of $150/hour. Contact Tabitha to set up a consultation appointment.